Enjoyed our time at Vacation Breeze Waikiki

It has been officially a year since my wife and I joined the Vacation Breeze vacation software program. Last year at this time we used became member of Vacation Breeze Waikiki when we went out to Hawaii. We told ourselves that the first year we would fully take advantage of the software and use it more than just once because we wanted to make sure it did everything we were told it would do. To our surprise, the Vacation Breeze program and staff has completely outdone themselves; my wife and I are extremely satisfied.

My family and I took 3 condo vacations using the software this past year, in addition to several weekend and nightly hotel stays around our home state for sports tournaments for our kids and visiting my wife’s family a few hours away. It was such a relief to have our own space when we visited her family; I despise staying in their homes. With our condo portion of the software, we vacationed to a beautiful 5-star luxury resort in St. Croix (that was our big splurging vacation), once down to Palm Springs, California, and also up to Lake Tahoe for an early snowfall ski vacation. We booked the Tahoe trip short notice because they had gotten a great snowfall up there early, so we knew we had some time off then and booked a condo week up there for, well, you all know that pricing! It was incredible. We only stayed 4 nights, but the value we got for the price we paid was just outrageous; completely blew me away.

Overall the program has exceeded all of my expectations. I assumed I’d run into some sort of flaw or issue with it, but I never did. The only thing that seems to always stump is the cost of airfare. After all of the savings within our first year, we have almost fully recouped our investment for program. When the Vacation Breeze staff told my wife and I that majority of their members save the entire cost of the program within the first 12-18 months, I honestly didn’t believe them; it sounded just too good to be true. It has been 12 months and we are about 3/4 of the way to our ROI…pretty incredible. My family and I are very proud to be Vacation Breeze owners and look forward to many more vacations using the program.

George Broy
Winnemucca, NV

Vacation Breeze Hawaii is beautiful place to visit

One of my family’s favorite vacations we’ve taken with our Vacation Breeze program was this past summer when we visited the Florida Keys. Not only was the scenery absolutely beautiful, but the time my family and I spent together was unlike any time before. The beaches of the Florida Keys and the ocean water was perfect for my wife (who typically doesn’t like getting in the ocean) and my 3 young children (who do love the water). It is usually a conflict of interest when we go on vacation because my wife wants to spend the entire time sun-bathing, while my kids, who are between the ages of 12 and 6, love splashing around in the ocean and swimming. The Keys’ ocean is super shallow and was serene enough for my wife to enjoy getting in the water (took a lot of pressure off me because I’m usually stuck lifeguarding our kids). Since the water is so shallow and has so much landscape and wildlife right near the shore, it was one of the most fantastic places my family and I have ever snorkeled. One of my favorite activities I did while there was learning to spearfish. There was a local man giving lessons and I decided to take the day and learn how to do it. I actually caught a pretty large fish! Each day while we were there, I let everyone have a turn to plan out the activity for that particular day they were assigned. This routine went over so well, my wife and I decided that we are going to continue doing this moving forward for our future family vacations. It makes everyone happy, especially me and my wife.

My family and I have been Vacation Breeze owners for a little over 2 years now, and have taken a total of 5 vacations with the program. We’ve used Vacation Breeze to travel to Orlando, Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach, a Caribbean 5-day cruise, and of course the Florida Keys (our favorite). The program is so extensive and thrills my wife and me because the options to chose from are so great. We are planning to return to Hawaii this coming summer and visit Maui this time. We want to thank Vacation Breeze Hawaii because without them, my family and I would doubtfully have been able to do half of these vacations; what a beautiful thing.

Bill Miller
Spencer, WV

Best Trip to Vacation Breeze Waikiki

I am amazed that Vacation Breeze doesn’t have millions of owners worldwide. It is so incredible how on every corner of the Earth, the program has inventory. My husband and I were on a mission to figure out what was wrong with the program. We thought to ourselves that it was just too good to be true, and thought that there was definitely something wrong.

An incredibly long story short, my husband and I sat at our desktop for days and searched far and wide, and through many Vacation Breeze reviews for some kind of flaw in the system. We looked at every state, every country, everywhere that there was available inventory, and we were continuously put into shock time after time. Vacation Breeze literally has resorts all over the world…hundreds and thousands of weeks of inventory ready to be booked for its owners. Of course we looked at the condo section, in addition to the hotel portion, the cruise portion, and even every single section of the red hot escapes. This program has completely outdone itself and the company totally undersells. There is so much more involved than most owners think by the time they get their username and password.

It is a very satisfying feeling when your skepticism is put to rest. After being the super skeptics of the year, my hubby and I made a list of places we absolutely MUST travel to before we die. We saw so many different countries and islands on the program (I am a sucker for tropical environments) and our bucket list for travel has grown very large. My husband and I typically only take one vacation a year, but after browsing the program the way we did, we’ve decided that we will finish that list of dream vacations. Starting this spring, we will embark on a two week journey to the Greek and Turkish Isles. Vacation Breeze Waikiki really is making our dream vacations a reality.

Kathy Wagner
Everett, Washington

Fourth Trip to Vacation Breeze Waikiki

My very favorite vacation was last summer when I successfully secured my 4th of July week with my family back to Hawaii through Vacation Breeze Hawaii. It is pretty incredible how easy the software is to use and how you can pretty much get when you want, where you want. I was a little skeptical at first, but even if something doesn’t come up at the time you check, just request it or wait a little while. When I first became a Vacation Breeze Waikiki member I didn’t quite wrap my head around the concept of it being in real time. Of course inventory is going to go in and out of the system as quickly as a blink of an eye, but the program has never ceased to amaze me with how much inventory is actually available and continues to impress me after every use.

Last summer when we came back to Waikiki, we stayed in a 5-star resort right in the heart of Waikiki. Even though I booked about 7 months out, I still saved about $1500 on that trip compared to the first time we vacationed to Waikiki in hotel rooms. Since we had been to the island before, we knew what to expect for the holiday and what activities we needed to do. We spent the day barbecuing over in the Ala Moana Beach Park area where they shot off fireworks that night. It was marvelous. We met some amazing local families during the festivities. The weather was perfect, and fireworks show was out of this world, and my kids just had an absolute blast. It just costs a lot to fly out to Hawaii but Vacation Breeze made it up in many other ways.

During this trip, we were able to get discounts on all of our activities around the island; that alone saved us hundreds of dollars, but the biggest savings was in grocery shopping and our time management. Not only did we save a ton of money on eating in at our condo, but we saved valuable vacation time by doing so. I look back at how we used to vacation before we became Vacation Breeze owners and I am appalled at how much time was spent eating out in mediocre restaurants.

My family is really looking forward to taking more vacations and trips with our software. Vacation Breeze is a brilliant program that is the perfect addition to our traveling and vacation plans. Thanks Vacation Breeze.

Harvey Family
Gross Pointe, MI

Christmas holiday in Vacation Breeze Hawaii

One of my dreams was to be able to take my kids down to Disney World for the Christmas holiday, as a surprise and early Christmas present. Last Christmas I booked a 3-bedroom, short notice condo week with my Vacation Breeze software, so you know how inexpensively I booked it. We checked in on the 23 of December. My kids were so surprised when my wife and I told them what was going on. I made out a card to my kids from Santa Claus and inside was an early Christmas card with the check-in information for the resort I booked about a mile outside of animal kingdom. The look on my children’s faces and their excitement was the best gift I have ever been given.

We spent the entire Christmas week there and even had Christmas Eve and Day at our resort. The resort we stayed at offered a beautiful Christmas Day brunch where we met some amazing families from all over the world. To this day my kids still email and keep in touch with the friends they made, who were from Japan and Mexico. My wife and I are planning on either booking another Disney trip this coming New Years or a trip for Spring Break to Oahu with Vacation Breeze Hawaii. I heard during New Years there are fireworks and endless parades in the streets, the kids would die for that. My kids have only been there once before we booked our last Christmas trip with Vacation Breeze, but our Vacation Breeze software is giving my family the opportunity to make this vacation an annual affair.

I never before imagined I could swing that. I am basically getting two vacations for the price of one. My kids and wife are so grateful and I am so grateful to have my Vacation Breeze vacation program.

Jack D
Chapel Hill, NC

Best Vacay Ever Vacation Breeze Honolulu

About three years ago, my husband and I went on a vacation to Greece for our 25th wedding anniversary. It had been a lifelong dream of mine to make it to Greece, but of course money wasn’t allowing me to ever take this vacation. Vacation Breeze has really opened up my eyes to the world and given me the ability to travel to these destinations; I am so grateful.

My husband and I did a tour of the country, from the Red Hot Escape portion of our Vacation Breeze software, and in addition we spent an entire week in Santorini alone through one of our condo weeks. Santorini might be the most beautiful place on Earth. We took a sailing tour of the scenic Aegean Sea and sights which was by far the highlight of the entire trip for me. There were local wine tours where we got to taste some of the most original wines in the world and even got to stomp on grapes! It was hilarious! Not to mention the food. Oh my Lord the food was to die for. Greek food has always been a love of mine, but traditional, authentic Greek food is out of this world. The food alone would get me to spend the money to come back, even though airfare is still quite expensive.

I could go on for days about the country, but I just still cannot believe I was able to experience Greece. We got to see the Acropolis and Olympic Stadium in Athens (that was my husband’s favorite part) and Mykonos, which was absolutely breathtaking. I don’t think Americans have enough respect for how different and diverse the rest of the world is. I am leaving this Vacation Breeze Honolulu review because I am so thankful for my this program because it has opened my eyes to how unique every culture and country is. I never imagined I would get to see Greece and Vacation Breeze has since taken me and my husband to England and France…unbelievable.

Thanks JD!
Julie D
Lincoln, Nebraska

Best Vacation Breeze Honolulu Trip for Every Vacationer

Last winter, I took my wife on the vacation of a lifetime using my Vacation Breeze program. My wife is of French descent and has always wanted to travel to the beautiful country, but her dream itinerary was way out of budget. After searching through the Internet I came across testimonies from many Vacation Breeze reviews, and decided to try it out. And the rest is history.

Last winter I booked a 16 night trip to France. The first week we started off in Isola, which is a section of the Alpes-Maritimes. We are avid skiers, so I thought how beautiful it would be if we could ski in France and then tour Paris; so we did just that. Our resort was drop dead gorgeous and had the most amazing facilities and skiing amenities. We were pampered at our resort, we skied, we dined, we fell in love again, and it was just the start of it all because Paris was our next stop.

The 9 nights after that I used the hotel section of the Vacation Breeze software and booked 9 magical nights in Paris, at an adorable boutique-type hotel, which, I must add, did have a private bathroom (oh how important that is in Europe). The only thing that we didn’t like very much about this hotel was the staff, maybe it was a Parisian thing. Paris was outstanding. I cannot even believe we were able to make it there. My wife fell in love with the city, the culture, food, the people, everything. It was absolutely brilliant. She and I had never left the United States before and this trip really opened our eyes to how different and diverse the world really is. We are planning a trip for this coming spring to Italy, we are planning the trip to be a total of 3 weeks, about 2 1/2 in Italy and then a half a week in France, just one more time. France really did something to our souls and my wife and I feel so much more connected with one another and her heritage. We saw all of the beautiful sights Paris, the city of lights and love, has to offer, but we even were able to get in touch and meet with a distant cousin she found during her genealogy research. You can’t put a price on that.

She and I are so grateful for Vacation Breeze Honolulu and how much they are assisting in our process to travel the world. It is a wonderful program that not only saves our family money, but it also makes the booking process unbelievably easy. It truly has given my wife the best gift I could have ever given her. Thanks JD!

Cameron T
Portland, OR

Best sports tournaments in Vacation Breeze Waikiki

It is pretty crazy how much the Vacation Breeze software my wife and I purchased 3 years ago has benefitted our family. We have taken one big family vacation every year since we became members, but the added incentives have really encouraged us to do more traveling. We go short notice and go for long weekends to the lakes in Northern Minnesota a few hours away from us. In addition, it has really helped me out for traveling with my children’s sports tournaments.

We have 3 kids who are in sports year round, so the one big family vacation a year is really all we can do. We travel out of state often and the hotel rewards section of our Vacation Breeze software has benefitted all of my children’s teammates and their families too! We sometimes get condos in the cities we have tournaments. It has been so incredibly helpful, and the savings are supplemented through t-shirts and knick-knacks at the tournaments that our kids absolutely need…ha! Next, we hope to use Vacation Breeze Waikiki to visit Oahu!

I don’t think we have just one favorite Vacation Breeze vacation, they’ve all been so wonderful. But the value we get is out of this world. The savings open up more money for shopping, activities, and souvenirs. This program should be in the hands of every American family. My kids are thrilled to have this in our family and love browsing the website for new vacation spots. According to my kids, we’re going on an African Safari next summer…we’ll see!

Thanks Vacation Breeze!
Kent N
St. Cloud, Minnesota

Fun Time in Vacation Breeze Hawaii

So I’ve been reading a lot of these Vacation Breeze reviews, and its pretty incredible how these every day Average Joes have been able to travel all around the map. I want everyone to keep in mind though that there are resort locations through Vacation Breeze all over, especially in cities you never thought about before, just out your back door.

My family and I live in Clive, Iowa and always enjoyed spending a few weeks in the summer-time at Lake Okoboji, which is just a short distance away in Iowa. Ever since we became members, we’ve been staying in condos right there on the lake. The flexibility of the Vacation Breeze software enhances our stay because before we would always try and bunk up with our family friend’s family; it has been so much nicer to get our own space so we can just come and go as we please. Our Lake Okoboji trips have been our favorite trips ever. I have taken my family to Hawaii, Florida, the Caribbean, Mexico, the Mediterranean (all through my Vacation Breeze program) but the greatest of all would be in Iowa, just a few hours away from home and the fun-filled Lake Okoboji. I want to show my gratitude towards to the Vacation Breeze company for having such a endless selection. I have been able to take my family all over the world, to dream destination locations, but it still allows us to take our favorite vacations we enjoyed before becoming members.

The Vacation Breeze Hawaii program really caters to every traveler’s lifestyle and it is quite a wonderful program for families to have. And sometimes the most simple of trips are the most enjoyable. Thanks JD.

Frank S
Clive, IA

Luxury Vacation Breeze Waikiki Accommodations

I don’t think I can pick a favorite Vacation Breeze vacation to be completely honest. I didn’t really know how to plan a vacation before I became a member…I’d just book what was the cheapest at the time…which usually left me staying in dinky hotels that smelled funny and kept me tired most of my trip. And most of these trips I’d have to book two hotel rooms because vacationing with three grown boys in one hotel room just wasn’t working anymore. It’s pretty crazy how I never thought about condos before…this program has saved my sanity.

Every vacation I’ve taken with Vacation Breeze has been in at least 2-bedroom suites. I never imagined I would ever vacation that way. It is pretty unbelievable how much value you get for the money you end up spending for the accommodations through the software.

With Vacation Breeze, I’ve taken my family to Orlando (twice), Palm Springs, CA, New Jersey, Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach. I’ve averaged about 2 vacations a year with this program (before I’d do maybe one…well…let’s just say that when I went to Waikiki that year I bought the program, it was my first vacation in 4 years…) Vacation Breeze Hawaii has definitely helped me become a better traveler and opened my eyes to new places around the country and will eventually lead me out of it. Europe is the next step. I still cannot believe Europe is becoming a reality to me and my family…Incredible!

George L
Madison, Wisconsin